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Empowering Young People with STE[A]M Skills


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Project STEMerica Goals

The project aims to improve the capacity of civil society organizations in the implementation of interactive, innovative workshops and events at the national level in the field of popularization of STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) among children, youth and the general population. CSO capacities will be strengthened through the participation of members and employees in trainings (18), study visits (5) and public events (16 national and 8 foreign) to encourage cooperation, exchange knowledge and information on good national and European practices. Also, workshops and public events in the field of popularization of STEM in several local communities throughout the Republic of Croatia will be organized and conducted.
Project coordinator

FabLab, Association for Promoting Digital Fabrication


Faculty of Architecture University of Zagreb

Technical Museum of Nikola Tesla

Bioteka – Association for Promotion of Biology and Related Sciences

ConnectIT - Association for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies

Višnjan Observatory

Project duration: 12.5.2021.-12.5.2023.

Total value of the project: 2.825.482,33 kn

Total value of support: 2.825.482,33 kn

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