PopUp Lab Zadar

Thursday and Friday we spent in the city of the most beautiful sunset – in Zadar. As part of our project STEMerica, we organized two PopUpLabs in Elementary School Bartul Kašić and Elementary School Petar Preradović.

We conducted Makey Makey workshops where participants learned about the way the circuit current functions, we learned about encryption, its’ history and how it works, participants simulated their own “home-made” parachutist, experienced the world of virtual reality and learned and played with 3D pencils and 3D printing.

FabLab Zagreb held workshops alongside our partners - Institute of Entrepreneurial Education and Innovation with their project BIOPlanet, Association Professor Baltazar with their project Mobile ZEZ Centre and Institute for Popularization of Science with their project STEM Educators.
Workshops were accompanied with children’s laughter and joy, what it all looked like, check out in the gallery 😊

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